Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moringa Leaf Anti-Cancer Properties

Antiproliferation and induction of apoptosis by Moringa oleifera leaf extract on human cancer cells.


Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore, Singapore; Dept of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore, India.


Medicinal plants provide an inexhaustible source of anticancer drugs in terms of both variety and mechanism of action. Induction of apoptosis is the key success of plant products as anticancer agents. The present study was designed to determine the antiproliferative and apoptotic events of Moringa oleifera leaf extract (MLE) using human tumor (KB) cell line as a model system. KB cells were cultured in the presence of leaf extracts at various concentrations for 48h and the percentage of cell viability was evaluated by MTT assay. MLE showed a dose-dependent inhibition of cell proliferation of KB cells. The antiproliferative effect of MLE was also associated with induction of apoptosis as well as morphological changes and DNA fragmentation. The morphology of apoptotic nuclei was quantified using DAPI and propidium iodide staining. The degree of DNA fragmentation was analyzed using agarose gel electrophoresis. In addition, MLE at various concentrations was found to induce ROS production suggesting modulation of redox-sensitive mechanism. Eventually, HPTLC analysis indicated the presence of phenolics such as quercetin and kaempferol. Thus, these findings suggest that the leaf extracts from M. oleifera had strong antiproliferation and potent induction of apoptosis. Thus, it indicates that M. oleifera leaf extracts has potential for cancer chemoprevention and can be claimed as a therapeutic target for cancer.
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pubmed Articles (214 articles) on Moringa

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pacquiao strength revealed!

Baynihan Tayo Publications
By Pancho Dempsey

There have been some accusations going around that Filipino boxer, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, is taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs. These claims are mainly coming from the Floyd Mayweather camp and Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy promotions because they just can’t believe that a boxer who used to fight at flyweight went all the way up to welterweight and got stronger and faster without steroids, they just can’t believe it’s possible.

Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach just laughed at the accusations of Manny being on steroids. According to Roach, Pacquiao’s strength and power comes from not having to cut weight and eating rice and malunggay (malunggay leaves are used in some Philippine dishes for their high vitamin and mineral content) that he includes in his diet on daily basis.

Many poor Filipinos who grew up on the farms or doing hard labor at a young age like Manny Pacquiao, develop a natural strength and power, their body adapts to their environment at a young age making them stronger do to the hardships and exposure to the elements.

When Pacquiao started fighting, he was malnourished, that is why he fought at such a low weight of 106 pounds. When he came to America he was given the proper nutrition and training that helped him reach his genetic potential. When you look at Manny you can see his physical attributes; he has big calves and legs which helps him develop the punching power needed in boxing, he has an athletic build and his bones are strong as evidenced by his wrist and fist size that can withstand the impact from his powerful punches. If his bones were weak his hands cannot withstand the impact of his extraordinary punches on his opponents face or body causing them to break.

His natural speed and agility which he was able to improve through experience, diet and training adds to the power of his punches. In boxing, speed is power. By analogy, in baseball; the faster the ball is the stronger it is that it can break bats upon impact. Now, combine that speed with Pacquiao’s heavy bones, that’s how you develop that extraordinary punching power, therefore, this power and strength didn’t come from steroids or enhancement drugs, it was achieved naturally.

A fighter can take all the steroids in the world but it cannot make him a better fighter, it takes true god gifted ability, great skill and intelligence in the ring to attain the achievements that Manny Pacquiao has in his career. He is guided by his strong belief in God, his desire to please the boxing fans around the world and to give honor to his countrymen. Also, Pacquiao said he has a great responsibility to be a positive role model to the youth and young rising boxers of today and if he used steroids it would go against his principles.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Networking with Business Leaders

Larry Tiamzon, Tony Lagman and Michael Estacio received a very exclusive invitation to attend the Philippine Trade and Investment Briefing organized jointly by the Orange County Filipino American Chamber of Commerce and the Philippine Consulate General, held last November 17, 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel in Cerritos, California.  Major topics that were presented were the food and the agriculture industry, outsourcing, franchising and the health and wellness industry.  It was a very valuable informative presentation and a very productive networking forum.
The Filipino Migration
I still remember my college days when my professor would lecture on the topic of the “exploitation of our natural resources”. He gave us an example of denuding of our natural forests, exporting these trees to the “1st world countries” and sending it back to the Philippines as processed lumber. The sad part is the profits of these companies remain in their country and the Philippines never got to develop and industrialize the industry because of the lack of financial resources. Poverty, lack of opportunity, the desire to achieve more in life and to provide for a better future for their children were the motivating factors that drove Filipinos to migrate to the different parts of the world to seek a better life. Here in America, the first wave of immigrants were farmers, most of them settled in Hawaii where they found work as pineapple pickers. The second wave of Filipino immigrants were the professionals, the engineers, the accountants, the nurses who found work in the booming car industry and the demand for health care professionals in hospitals. Now, out of this wave of immigrants and the 2nd generation offspring, a new breed of Filipinos are coming out by their involvement in the local governments, in politics and as entrepreneurs. Being a businessman myself, I want to particularly single out the entrepreneurs for their unique character of taking risks, their desire to be independent and even provide inspiration and opportunities for others to emulate. My fellow entrepreneurs, whether you are conscious of it or not, we are the global highway that will link our country, the Philippines, to these “1st world countries”. More than ever the spirit of nationalism should remain in our hearts. We have to make an intelligent decision to help our country and the Filipino entrepreneurs who depend on us to see that growth and resources flow continuously to our beloved motherland. Support our fellow Filipino entrepreneurs!

By patronizing our brand Moringa “The Gift of Life” and Moringa “Super Gulay” we are able to encourage and support our fellow entrepreneurs in the Philippines and help in the economic growth and stability of our motherland. Mabuhay! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Market Trends

Nutritional Supplements in the U.S.

Fears about the recession dampening the nutritional supplement business have not been realized. Indeed, if anything, the market appears to have benefited from the economic uncertainty, since supplements stack up well against expensive prescription medications and possibly preventable medical procedures, especially as healthcare costs continue to soar. Accordingly, consumers are turning to supplements as a more affordable way to stay healthy, and even cash-strapped consumers used to taking supplements have been reluctant to eliminate them from their lifestyle regimens. At the same time, older Americans are significantly more likely to integrate supplements into their daily lives, and as the massive Baby Boomer population ages the supplement industry continues to widen its customer base. With these favorable winds at its back, the market has progressed steadily from 5.5% annual growth in 2007 to 6.5% in 2008 to 7.5% in 2009, bringing U.S. retail sales to $9.4 billion in 2009.

Monday, September 20, 2010

3rd Quarter Highlights

Going, going and GROWING!
We ended the third quarter of this year (Jul-Sep) with more Distributors and Retailers joining nationwide! Why is this so? 

We are the only company that supports their Distributors and Retailers with Ads (Asian Journal) and TFC TV commercials.  Customer phone calls generated by these promotional activities are directed to Distributors and Retailers based on proximity.  Our website listing of all Distributors and Retailers nationwide make it easier for customers to locate Moringa "Malunggay" locally. All these mean more sales and more revenue for our Distributors and Retailers. 

Other companies can only offer a cheap price and that's it!  After buying their products you are on your own.  We are the only company that teach our Distributors through our online training internet site detailed steps on how they can start and grow their business. The strength of our company is the continued promotional support and business tools that we provide to our Distributors and Retailers that move products from their inventories and from their shelves.  Our product has passed the strict standards set by the BFAD and the manufacturer of our products are registered with the US FDA.
3rd Quarter highlights
We attended the Fil-American Chamber of Commerce Orange County (FACCOC) Business Mixer at the Sheraton Hotel in Anaheim, where we set-up our Moringa display.  If you have a local Chamber of Commerce Chapter, join this organization because it is a good place to network with customers and business people alike.

From left: Chino Estacio, Tony Lagman, Representative Loretta Sanchez, Former Pres. FACCOC and Larry Tiamson

From left: Jim Dear, Mayor (City of Carson), Agnes Peres and Chino Estacio

On September 11 and 12 Chino Estacio  attended two promotional activites in partnership with Asian Journal and gave Moringa visibility in these two events. These events were: the Philippine American Cultural Festival in San Pedro and the Piolo Fund Raising Concert.

On the same dates  Larry Tiamson, Ellen Tiamson, Tony and Bel Lagman also attended the O Ka Pamilya concert in San Francisco and was able to give Moringa "Malunggay" products exposure in that part of the region.  All these activities enhance the image of our company and give our Distributors and Retailers a sense of pride and confidence that they are in good company.

We have bumped up our current supplies to keep up with our present and future demands for Moringa.
The company will continue to support retailers and distributors with newspaper ads in Asian Journal. Asian Journal has started with their online news too! You might have received an e-mail regarding this new web campaign.

Marketing Tips
1. For those who have their blogsites, please do not use your blogsite to SPAM. Google site teams are constantly monitoring internet users who are spamming. You can promote your website via facebook or twitter by creating links to your blogsite. You can also put a link on your signature line on your e-mail page. You can also develop a short video and post it on You Tube and link your blog.
2. The holidays are just around the corner. Thinking of giving gifts to your love ones? Why not give a package of Moringa products. This is one creative way of promoting our products to relatives and friends. Once they have tried it, they will keep coming back to you for more!

1. More and more testimonials are coming in with regards to the health benefits of Moringa. A customer whose blood sugar before taking Moringa was 357 went down to 157.

2. A mailman whose energy level goes rock bottom at the middle of the day took Moringa and after just 3 days, can now last a full day with plenty of energy to spare at the end of his workday.

3. Hypertensive patients are telling us about reduction in blood pressure level by taking Moringa as supplement in conjunction with their prescription drugs.

4. A lady gave Moringa "Malunggay"  to her dog who was weak and was always sleeping. After taking the product, the dog is now running and playing in their backyard.

Again, we would like to acknowledge all your efforts in building a strong and solid network of distributors and retailers. Let us make Moringa "Malunggay" the food supplement of choice.

New products coming.....
We are now currently working on new product intro.

Let us all move forward this 4th quarter full of zeal and enthusiasm, anticipating a bountiful holiday in this season of joy and hope. Have a productive selling!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2nd Quarter Highlights

1. We ended the second quarter of this year (Apr-Jun) on a very encouraging note.
2. Our June TFC TV Ad reached a lot of consumers and prospective distributors nationwide.
3. Retailers and Distributors alike experienced a surge in demand for our products, the word of mouth and the recall value effect of the TV commercial had a tremendous impact.
4. The company is working hard with our suppliers to anticipate our future demands.
5. The company will continue to support retailers and distributors with newspaper ads, TV commercials and promo materials towards our goal in educating consumers and making Moringa "Malunggay" the first choice in their daily food supplement for better health!
6. Our website always appears on the first page of google.
7. Customers can easily find distributors and retailers when they google location to look for Moringa "Malunggay"
9. Many exciting developments are in the works!

As we develop a strong partnership with our valued distributors, we want everyone to be on the same page as to what direction the company is going. As a company, we want our partnership with Distributors and the relationship with fellow Distributors to be harmonious with a common purpose of building a strong team. We want expectations between the company and the distributors and fellow distributors to be clear and accurate. In this regard, please refer to the Distributorship terms and conditions in our Moringa "Malunggay" official website under the "How to become a Distributor tab. This official document will guide us accordingly.

We would like to acknowledge all your efforts in building a strong and vibrant network of distributors and retailers to attain our goal to make Moringa "Malunggay" number 1 in the very near future!

Let us all move forward this 3rd quarter full of enthusiam and the assurance that our industry is thriving despite the economy. Let us seize this opportunity! Have a productive selling!